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Buried here are soldiers from Britain, Canada, New Zealand and Australia who all fought and died in the Battle of Diamond Hill (Donkerhoek Ridge) on the 11th and 12th of June 1900. On these hills the Boer Army of the Transvaal Republic, commanded by General Botha, blocked the easterly advance of a much larger British led force under the command of Lord Roberts's.

The battle was fought for two days across a broad 40 kilometre front and only after strong British flanking movements in particular to the south-east, did the Boer's tactically withdraw under the cover of darkness. The pressure to withdraw was largely the result of a gallant charge on the Boer lines by 350 dismounted soldiers of the New South Wales Mounted Rifles. This was one of the last "set piece" battles of the War and the first time units from all the States of Australia served together.

Pause to remember those who died here for the ideals that they strove to uphold.


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