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SIR EDWARD "WEARY" DUNLOP MEMORIAL, St Kilda Road (Melbourne) (1995)- series of plaques which were commissioned by the Sir Edward Dunlop Memorial Committee. The Memorial was designed by Ross Bastiaan and centred around the sculpture of Peter Corlett of Sir Edward Dunlop.

84.Changi Prison Medical Plaque.

85.River Kwai Medical Plaque. - Nam Tok was one of the sites were Dunlop operated a medical centre and he was responsible for the location of this plaque at the Nam Tok Railway Station.

86. Two plaques telling Sir Edward Dunlop's life history written for the period from 1907-1945 and 1946-93.

A further 8 plaques were made recording the names of all Army and Navy doctors captured by the Japanese from 1941 to 1945.

WAR CABINET ROOMS, St Kilda Road (Melbourne) (1996) - displays the disposition of Australia's armed forces during WWII and the central role of Cabinet Rooms in these decisions.

87. War Cabinet Rooms Plaque - outside Victoria Barracks.


88. Members' Pavilion - between World War 1 & 2 Honour Boards.


91. Lt L. McCarthy, VC Plaque - Vermondovilliers, France (1993) - Hotel deVille wall.

92. Gallipoli Map (Small) - Hamilton, Victoria (1993) - on Lake Hamilton beside Lone Pone.

93. Gallipoli Map (Small) - Moorabbin, Melbourne (1993) - on Turkish Memorial, center - Dandenong Road Park.

94. Gallipoli Map (Small) - Deniliquin, NSW (1993) - center town Anzac Memorial.

95. Dunlop Plaque - City of Essendon, Melbourne (1994) - in Essendon Park.

96. Gallipoli Map (Small) - Wesley College, Melbourne (1996).

KOKODA WALK (Upper Ferntree Gully) (1997-98), Dandenong Rangers National Park - one large (1 metre square) and nine small (41Omm2) spaced along the " 1000 steps" walking path up One Tree Hill, Upper Fern Tree Gully. The plaques tell the story of the Kokoda Trail as you walk up the track.

7. Kokoda Trail - large plaque with full story at bottom hill

8. Ower's Comer

9. Imita Ridge

100. Brigade Hill

1. Templeton's Cross

2. Eora Creek

3. Aloloa Village

4. Isurava

5. Kokoda Village

6. Introduction plaque (top hill)

7. Introduction plaque (bottom hill)

AUSTRALIA (Sydney Harbour) (1998) GULF WAR PLAQUE
- commemorates Australia's commitment to the Gulf War of 1990-1991.

108. Pott's Point - Sydney Harbour, Australia

109. Australian War Memorial, Canberra.

AUSTRALIA (Wooloomanata) (2000) - 79th Squadron RAAF Memorial

128. Squadron RAAF Memorial - Plaque with Spitfire commemorating the site where 79th Sqd formed and carried out early training near Gisborne, Victoria. Located inside Wooloomanata farm (near Anakie East) on airstrip.

AUSTRALIA Williamstown, Melbourne (2000) - HMAS Yarra Memorial

130. HMAS Yarra Memorial, Yarra River, Williamstown - tells the story of the sinking of HMAS Yarra by the Japanese in 1942 with a plaque series

AUSTRALIA (Darwin) (2001) - tells the story of the 19th  Feb 1942 bombing of Darwin

131. Government House Darwin,  main gate. 
132. Australian War Memorial, Canberra .
133. The Mall, Darwin City - Darwin civilians and the war (2002).


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