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Alolo was a camp for the Australian reserve troops from 26 to 30 September 1942 during the battle of Isurava. From Alolo troops patrolled North East across Eora Creek to protect the eastern side of the Australian lines at Isurava

Alolo was difficult to defend geographically, on 30 August it was held but briefly by the vastly outnumbered and exhausted Australians during their withdrawal. Early the next morning the Australians pulled out to new positions just short of Eora Creek. new fighting soon broke out around Eora Creek. After holding for 2 days the Australians were outflanked from the West, forcing them to further withdraw. a sporadic pattern of fighting and withdrawal continued south along the trail and not until 6 September, did the Australians stand and hold for 4 days at Brigade Hill (near Efogi).

Eventually, during the Japanese retreat, Alolo was retaken unopposed by the Australians on 30 October.

Today the people of Alolo live here in peace remembering and sharing the history of the events of 1942 with the Australian people.


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