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The Eora Creek crossing represented one of the best defensive positions on the Kokoda trail between Port Moresby and Kokoda. On 1 September 1942 it was successfully defended from its' East bank for 2 days by the retreating Australians who were against a much larger Japanese force. Constant rain, the deep ravine and swirling Eora Creek with limited log crossings made the area a nightmare in which to fight the Japanese made the whole area a major defensive position during their retreat. The tired Japanese resisted determined frontal attacks by fresh Australian troops from 22 October for over a week Australians advancing on the west bank of Eora Creek overcame the enemy eventually and when almost encircled, the Japanese hastily abandoned their positions retreating to Oivi and Gorari.

Eora Creek village once in the centre of much of the heavy fighting now lies abandoned. the crashing, haunting noise of the fast flowing creek below brings vividly to mind the turmoil of battle, and the men who fought here so long ago.


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