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Long ago the great warrior Naembo wrestled a giant crocodile near the white beach sands of Sanananda. Many years later in novem15er 1942 there was another great battle here when 9,000 Japanese made Sanananda part of their concentrated 20 km long coastal defence system in order to halt advancing Australian and American forces.

Gona was first attacked on 7 November, after slow progress, the attack was extended towards Sanananda point. The road to Sanananda point was heavily defended by the Japanese and the attacking veterans of Kokoda, who were now exhausted and reduced in numbers, could not advance. The American reinforcements who arrived were also stopped near Huggins road block and further attacks failed. Buna fell on 3 January 1943 and this enabled the Americans to attack Sananada from the west via the coast, on 12th January 1943, the Australians advanced with tanks through the swamp from the south of Sananada. The starving defenders were ordered to evacuate and most of the Japanese slipped away. With resistance ending on 22nd January, 600 Australians, 274 Americans and 1600 Japanese died at Sananada.

Ont the lower right on this plaque cast the following - land provided by families of Naembo and arranged by Joshua Naembo.


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