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The location of the crossing of Eora Creek has varied over the years, the area which is now overgrown was a major Australian supply depot during the Kokoda campaign. The crossing was named after an Australian officer killed at Oivi on 26 July 1942.

On 3 September 1942 the Japanese captured Templeton's crossing while in close pursuit of the Australians. From here the Australians fell back steadily. They abandoned the air dropping zone at Myola and only found a secure defensive position at Brigade Hill just South of Efogi. Later as the Japanese retreated they made their first major stand against the advancing Australians here at Templeton's crossing. On 12 October the Australians attacked from the south and west but took 4 days to dislodge the enemy. Ahead lay Eora Creek which took the Australians a further 13 days to capture though only 3 hours walking distance.

All wounded faced a daunting trek to reach major medical facilities. As there was no air evacuation the wounded struggled along the muddy trail for seemingly endless days. Many would have perished had it not been for the enduring and loyal native stretcher bearers.


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