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THAILAND (1992, 1994) - Burma Thailand Series - tells the story of the suffering and achievements of Allied Prisoners of War who built the Burma-Thailand Railway.

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30. Bridge on the River Kwai (Tha Makham) Plaque - to left of east side of bridge.
31. Kanchanaburi Plaque - outside cemetery entrance and to the right.
32. Hell Fire Pass Plaque - on the landing above the staircase leading down to railway track.
33. Nam Tok Plaque - outside the ticket box at station beside telephone booth.
34. Bridge on the River Kwai Plaque - Imperial War Museum, England - Duxford POW section.
35. Hell Fire Pass Plaque - Australian War Memorial
36 Three Pagodas Pass - Border Thailand-Burma - 200 m from border with Thailand-Burma and pagodas.
A small series of plaques placed in Thailand to commemorate Sir Edward Dunlop's ashes being spread on the railway and the work to preserve the site.
37. Dunlop Plaque - Hell Fire Pass - on rock face inside Pass.
38. Hell Fire Pass Staircase Plaque - on riser of staircase.
39. Time Capsule Plaque - Hell Fire Pass Time Capsule - base of Plaque 32.

BURMA SERIES (1994) - tells the story of Allied Prisoners of War struggle in Burma.

40. Thanbyuzayat Plaque - CWG Cemetery, Thanbyuzayat, Burma - to right of main entrance and at right comer of cemetery.
41. Time Capsule Plaque - Thanbyuzayat Cemetery - at base of Plaque 40.


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