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In 1942 Japanese armed forces occupied New Britain in PNG after the defeated Australian forces defending Rabaul. Subsequently the Japanese were defeated and Japan surrendered unconditionally on the 15th August 1945.

Of the Royal Australian Air Force Squadrons that fought the Japanese, Number 30 Squadron (Beaufighters), 22 Squadron (Bostons) and 79 Squadron (Spitfires) lost 15 aircraft, 28 airmen and 1 soldier in the jungles of New Britain or in the seas surrounding the island during 1943/44. The Squadrons operations from the bases at Port Moresby, Milne Bay, Goodenough Island, Kiriwina Island and Dobodura attacking targets as far as Rabaul in New Britain and Borpop in New Ireland.

The 29 who lost their lives are commemorated here.

The Memorial at Kimbe New Britain carries 4 plaques. One is the above text, one a sculpture of the region and the silhouette of 3 planes, a Roll of Honour and a poem by George Robertson.


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