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The battle of Hamel is considered one of the most brilliantly conceived and co-ordinated allied assaults of the war. On 4 July 1918, along th 6 kilometre front in the early morning mist, Australian infantry advanced in close co-operation with British tanks and some American infantry. This was Americas first attack with its British allies in the war. No preliminary artillery bombardment warned the larger German force of the imminent attack.

The assault was so well organised by Australian Lieutenant General John Monash that the battle was over in 93 minutes and casualties were minimal. New concept were introduced with aircraft dropping ammunition to forward troops and tanks bringing up supplies. The Australians forced back the German front by 1.6 kilometres and liberated Hamel. This success was due to the meticulous planning and close co-operation between tanks, artillery, aircraft and men. Hamel was the tactical model on which the allies successfully fought the rest of the war.


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