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The GULF CRISIS & WAR  1990 - 1991

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The plaque is mounted at the entrance to Maritime Headquarters, Royal Australian Navy, Potts Point Sydney Harbour. It was unveiled at the exact site where the Australian Navy left its shores for the Gulf in 1990

Iraq invaded Kuwait in August 1990. After diplomatic and economic sanctions failed the United Nations (UN) sanctioned a multinational military force to expel the aggressor. Australia, through the Australian Defence Force (ADF), was a member of this coalition and provided naval support. During the five months of operations the Royal Australian Navy (RAN) patrolled the Gulf of Oman and the Arabian Gulf. The navy enforced trade sanctions and when offensive operations started on 17 January 1991, it formed an integral part of the multinational naval battle group. ADF medical teams also served on a coalition hospital ship though fortunately there were no Australian casualties. After the cease-fire on 28 February 1991 Australian naval divers assisted in the clearing of unexploded ordnance Australia and Kuwait have always enjoyed a close relationship and never more so than in the freeing and rebuilding of the Kuwaiti nation after the war.


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