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Spanish Civil War Plaque is located on the shores of Lake Burly-Griffin, Canberra behind the Hilton Hotel. The memorial commemorates all those Australians who gave support to the armies involved in the Spanish Civil War. The plaque was unveiled by the last living Australian survivor of the war in 1993.

Text from Plaque

This monument honours the seventy Australian men and women who went to Spain during the Spanish civil war of 1936-39 to defend the cause of the Spanish republic.

A republican government was elected in Spain in 1931 and a democratic constitution promulgated. In July 1936 a group of generals led by Francisco Franco staged a military uprising against the popular front government precipitating a bloody civil war. When the conflict ended in 1939 general Franco's nationalist forces controlled the country.

During the civil war some 50,000 supporters from fifty-three countries went to Spain to defend the republic. For them the Spanish civil war represented the first battle in a larger war against fascism.

The Australian writer Nettie Palmer who was in Barcelona when the uprising occurred said of those who supported the Spanish republic - though they were few in number and not powerful and seemed often to be shouting against the wind theirs was truly a brave chapter in Australia's history.

This monument erected by the Australians in Spain memorial committee was dedicated on 11 December 1993 by Lloyd Edmond's, international brigade veteran.


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