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Text from Gallipoli Plaques Book*
This area was the main reserve position on the right flank of ANZAC. The flat area of Shell Green was not frequently used because it was under direct observation from high positions on the Turkish front line; this was the only flat land within the ANZAC perimeter. The road which winds up the hill was originally put in place by Australian engineers soon after the landing. it was given the name of Artillery Road, and along it field guns of the Australian, New Zealand, British and Indian armies were moved from the beach area. Due to accessibility, the surrounds of this area were used to position much of the Allied artillery throughout the campaign; ammunition dumps were located wherever protection could be found from the Turkish guns.

The ridge above you, known as Bolton's Ridge, was the main front line position of this area. Forward trenches were located up to 400 metres from the main trenches. Although danger always lurked on the right flank in that area, no major attacks were launched there by either side. The area remained relatively stable throughout the campaign and was often occupied by men of the Australian Light Horse. British naval fire helped to reduce the risk of major attacks by the Turks who, however, soon learned that such fire was fairly ineffective against their fortified trenches. The reason for this was that the Royal Navy often fired shrapnel shells (producing many small pieces of metal) rather than the more damaging high explosive shells which were to cause such enormous loss of life later in France and Belgium.

Near the end of the campaign, on 17th December, men were ordered to stage a cricket match here in an attempt to deceive the Turks about the impending evacuation. The match was called off when Turkish shells landed nearby.

The next plaque, No. 5, can be seen by either: proceeding up the hill along Artillery Road to Lone Pine; or by returning to the sealed road and continuing back towards the Kabatepe Information Center and, approximately 1 kilometre before reaching the Centre, taking the sealed road to your left towards Lone Pine. The T-junction is opposite a Turkish Army station (jandarma).

* - - This text is taken from "Gallipoli Plaques, A Guide to the Anzac Battlefield", by R.J.Bastiaan. 2nd Edition Published by ANRAB Pty. Ltd. 1991.


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