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TURKEY (1990) - Gallipoli Series - tells the story of Australia's and New Zealand's involvement at Anzac on the Gallipoli Peninsula in 1915.

1. Ari Burnu - at the right of walkway to beach cemetery.
2. Anzac Cove - beside the road and to the right of Turkish sign Anzac Cove.
3. Shrapnel Valley - at right of entrance to cemetery, across creek.
4. Shell Green - to left of cemetery entrance.
5. Lone Pine - to left of main entrance.
6. Courtney's & Steeles' Post - to right of entrance in flower bed.
7. Quinn's Post - at entrance.
8. The Nek- to right of cemetery facing car park.
9. Chunuk Bair - on Anzac Cove side of New Zealand memorial.
10. Hill 971 - on Suvla Bay side of peak next to podium.
11. Gallipoli Map - Chunuk Bair - next to plaque.
12. Gallipoli Map - Kaba Tepe Museum - office of Director of Forestry & Parks, Ecebat, Turkey (should be at Kaba Tepe Museum).
13. Sponsors' Plaque - Kaba Tepe Museum - right wall at Museum entrance.
14. Plaques Guide Plaque - English - right wall at Museum.
15. Plaques Guide Plaque - Turkish - Director of Forestry & Parks, Ecebat (should be beside English plaque).
16. Gallipoli Map - House of Commons, London - Gallery Walk.
17. Gallipoli Map - Shrine of Remembrance, Melbourne - South-east comer.
18. Gallipoli Map - Queen Elizabeth II Military Museum, Wellington, New Zealand - inside museum.
19. Gallipoli Map - Australian War Memorial, Canberra

GREECE AND CRETE SERIES (1991) - tells the story of Australians,
New Zealanders and British in the battles of mainland Greece and in Crete 1941.

20. Themopylae Pass - Greece - next to Greek status Leonides by 250 m sea side of highway, atop mound of rocks.
21. Hania - Crete - Botanical Gardens, west side walk.
22. Rethymnon - Crete - Town Hall, external wall, main street.
23. Iraklion - Crete - Crete National War Memorial, centre town.
24. Australian War Memorial, Canberra - mounted in Crete Gallery.

SINGAPORE SERIES (1992) tells the story of the battle of Singapore and -subsequent period of captivity for Allied servicemen and women at Changi Prison.

25. Changi Plaque - Changi Prison Main Gate - to right of main entrance with time capsule and plaque.
26. Changi Plaque - Changi Museum - to right of Museum, in front of Changi Chapel.
27. Changi Plaque - Australian War Memorial
28. Kranji Plaque - Kranji Cemetery, Singapore - to left of steps leading to cemetery.
29. Kranji Plaque - Australian War Memorial

THAILAND (1992, 1994) - Burma Thailand Series - tells the story of the suffering and achievements of Allied Prisoners of War who built the Burma-Thailand Railway.

30. Bridge on the River Kwai (Tha Makham) Plaque - to left of east side of bridge.
31. Kanchanaburi Plaque - outside cemetery entrance and to the right.
32. Hell Fire Pass Plaque - on the landing above the staircase leading down to railway track.
33. Nam Tok Plaque - outside the ticket box at station beside telephone booth.
34. Bridge on the River Kwai Plaque - Imperial War Museum, England - Duxford POW section.
35. Hell Fire Pass Plaque - Australian War Memorial
36. Three Pagodas Pass - Border Thailand-Burma - 200 m from border with Thailand-Burma and pagodas.

A small series of plaques placed in Thailand to commemorate Sir Edward Dunlop's ashes being spread on the railway and the work to preserve the site.
37. Dunlop Plaque - Hell Fire Pass - on rock face inside Pass.
38. Hell Fire Pass Staircase Plaque - on riser of staircase.
39. Time Capsule Plaque - Hell Fire Pass Time Capsule - base of Plaque 32.

BURMA SERIES (1994) - tells the story of Allied Prisoners of War struggle in Burma.

40. Thanbyuzayat Plaque - CWG Cemetery, Thanbyuzayat, Burma - to right of main entrance and at right comer of cemetery.
41. Time Capsule Plaque - Thanbyuzayat Cemetery - at base of Plaque 40.

PAPUA NEW GUINEA (1992,1996) - Kokoda series tells of Australian
defence and ultimate victory over the Japanese in the Owen Stanley
Mountains, Papua New Guinea, and later with the Americans on the
beaches to the north.

Kokoda Trail Plaques

I. Large Plaques

42. Parliament House Port Moresby Plaque - beneath PNG flagpole.
43. Sogeri and Owers Comer Plaque - road junction Sogeri-Owers Comer beside Australian Memorial cairn.
44. Kokoda Village Plaque - on the Australian National War Memorial.
45. Popondetta Plaque - on the Australian Memorial main park.
46. Bromana War Cemetery Plaque - to the left of entrance inside CWGC boundary.
47. Kokoda Village Plaque - Australian War Memorial

II. Small Plaques

48. Efogi Village - to west side of trail 200 m south of village.
49. Templeton's Crossing II - east side of Eora Creek.
50. Eora Creek - east bank of creek in only clearing in area.
51. Alola Village - to west side of trail at north end of village.
52. Brigade Hill - atop Brigade Hill. (1996)
53. Isurava Village - in main clearing village.
54. Buna Village - centre village between flagpoles. (1994)
55. Sanananda Mission - centre village. (1994)
56. Gona Village - centre village. (1994)

Milne Bay series (1992) tells of the Australian and US defeat of the Japanese at Milne Bay in 1942.

57. Alota, Milne Bay - main street Alota.
58. Gurney Airport, Milne Bay - air terminal Alota.
59. Australian War Memorial.

FRENCH SERIES (1993) - tells of Australia's role in the battles of the Western Front 1916-1918. All major battlefields on which they fought
contain a plaque.

60. Villers Bretonneaux - Town Hall - to left of the left main entrance steps.
61. Villers Bretonneaux - Australian National Memorial - to the left of memorial adjacent to hedge and out building.
62. Pozieres - Windmill Site - behind memorial tablet and before mound.
63. Pozieres - Gibraltar Site - lst Division Memorial - to left of main entrance on Australian soil.
64. Mont St Quentin - 2nd Division Memorial - to west side and behind Digger memorial.
65. Peronne - Historiale Museum - to right of drawbridge into Historiale.
66. Bullecourt - Australian Memorial - to left of entrance on road side.
67. Fromelles - VC Comer Cemetery - 400 in east of cemetery between 2 German pillboxes and midfield.
68. Hamel - Town Hall.
69. Mouquet Farm - roadside, beneath Mouquet Farm Hill.
70. Villers Bretonneaux - Australian War Memorial, Canberra

BELGIUM SERIES (1993) - tells of Australia's role from 1916-1917 in the fighting in Belgium during the Great War.

71. Ypres - Menin Gate - adjacent to Australian Roll Honour on ramparts.
72. Passchendaele - center of town opposite Church.
73. Messines - center of town in town square.
74. Talbot House (Toc H -1999) - Poperinge - museum, original Fromelles plaque (plaque number 67 was reworded in 1998).

SPANISH CIVIL WAR (1993) - tells the story of Australians who volunteered to fight in the Spanish Civil War in 1936.

75. Spanish Civil War Plaque - Lake Burley Griffin, Canberra - behind Canberra Hilton in Park.

ISRAEL (1995) - Beer-Sheva Plaque - tells of the Australian Light Horse and the capture of Beer-Sheva in 1917.

76. Beer-Sheva - Allenby Park, Beer-Sheva - center Beer-Sheva adjacent Cultural Center and Mosque in Allenby Square.
77. Caulfield Park, City of Glen Eira (Melbourne) - by Anzac Memorial.
78. Australian War Memorial - Sinai and Palestine Gallery.

EGYPT (1995) - El Alamein Series - tells of Australia's major role in the 1942 battle of El Alamein.

79. 9th Australian Division Memorial Plaque at El Alamein Commonwealth War Graves Cemetery (English-Arabic) - at foot of 9th Division Memorial.
80. Italian El Alamein Ossuary & Memorial (English & Italian) - at Italian Memorial.
81. Australian War Memorial.

PUPUA NEW GUINEA (1995) - Wewak - tells of the final campaign in PNG fought by the Australians and Japanese in 1945.

82. Wewak Plaque - at Australian Memorial and where surrender of Japanese occurred August 15, 1945.
83. Kenna VC Plaque - Mission Hill, Wewak.

AUSTRALIA (Melbourne) (1995) - Sir Edward "Weary" Dunlop Memorial, St Kilda Road - series of plaques which were commissioned by the Sir Edward Dunlop Memorial Committee. The Memorial was designed by Ross Bastiaan and centred around the sculpture of Peter Corlett of Sir Edward Dunlop.

84.Changi Prison Medical Plaque.

85.River Kwai Medical Plaque. - Nam Tok was one of the sites were Dunlop operated a medical centre and he was responsible for the location of this plaque at the Nam Tok Railway Station.

86. Two plaques telling Sir Edward Dunlop's life history written for the period from 1907-1945 and 1946-93.

A further 8 plaques were made recording the names of all Army and Navy doctors captured by the Japanese from 1941 to 1945.

WAR CABINET ROOMS, St Kilda Road (Melbourne) (1996) - displays the disposition of Australia's armed forces during WWII and the central role of Cabinet Rooms in these decisions.

87. War Cabinet Rooms Plaque - outside Victoria Barracks.

AUSTRALIA (Melbourne) (1996) - Melbourne Cricket Ground - tells the history of the MCG.

88. Members' Grandstand - between World War 1 & 2 Honour Boards.

LIBYA (Tobruk) (1996) - tells of Australia, Britain and Poland's role in the 1942 Siege of Tobruk.

89. Tobruk Commonwealth War Graves Cemetery (English, Arabic and Polish).
90. Australian War Memorial, Canberra.

91. Lt L. McCarthy, VC Plaque - Vermondovilliers, France (1993) - Hotel deVille wall.
92. Gallipoli Map (Small) - Hamilton, Victoria (1993) - on Lake Hamilton beside Lone Pone.
93. Gallipoli Map (Small) - Moorabbin, Melbourne (1993) - on Turkish Memorial, center - Dandenong Road Park.
94. Gallipoli Map (Small) - Deniliquin, NSW (1993) - center town Anzac Memorial.
95. Dunlop Plaque - City of Essendon, Melbourne (1994) - in Essendon Park.
96. Gallipoli Map (Small) - Wesley College, Melbourne (1996).

KOKODA WALK (Upper Ferntree Gully) (1997-98), Dandenong Rangers National Park - one large (1 metre square) and nine small (41Omm2) spaced along the " 1000 steps" walking path up One Tree Hill, Upper Fern Tree Gully. The plaques tell the story of the Kokoda Trail as you walk up the track.

97. Kokoda Trail - large plaque with full story at bottom hill
98. Ower's Comer
99. Imita Ridge
100. Brigade Hill
101. Templeton's Cross
102. Eora Creek
103. Aloloa Village
104. Isurava
105. Kokoda Village
106. Introduction plaque (top hill)
107. Introduction plaque (bottom hill)


AUSTRALIA (Sydney Harbour) (1998) GULF WAR PLAQUE
- commemorates Australia's commitment to the Gulf War of 1990-1991.

108. Maritime Head Quarters, Royal Aus. Navy - Pott's Point Sydney Harbour
109. Australian War Memorial, Canberra.

LONDON ANZAC MEMORIAL (1998) Gallipoli Plaque

110. Gallipoli Plaque at the Anzac memorial in Battersea Park - London.

UNITED STATES of AMERICA (1998) Gage Accident at Cavandish commemorating the 150th Anniversary of the famous medical case of Phedius Gage's frontal brain damage.

111. Gage Accident Plaque- center of Cavandish New Hampshire.

BORNEO CAMPAIGN (1998) - tells the story of the Australian liberation of Borneo (Kalimantan & British North Borneo) in 1945.

112. Balikpapan (East Kalimantan, Indonesia) beside the 7th AIF Memorial main road Balikpapan.
113. Tarakan (East Kalimantan, Indonesia) Main entrance Tarakan Wharf, Tarakan Island.
114. Labuan Island (Sabah, Malaysia) Surrender Point adjacent to 9th Div. AIF Memorial.
115. Balikpapan Plaque Australian War Memorial, Canberra.

SANDAKAN & RANAU DEATH MARCH PLAQUES (1998) tells the story of the Allied POW experiences in Borneo where, under the Japanese, over 2000 died.

116. Sandakan (Sabah, Malaysia) at the entrance to the Australian Memorial Park, Sandakan.
117. Kinabalu War Memorial inside the Australian garden at the large terraced Memorial at Kundasang, Sabah (near the village of Ranau).
118. Sandakan Plaque Australian War Memorial, Canberra.

KOREAN WAR (1998) - tells the story of Australia's role in the Korean War of 1950-53

119. United Nations Cemetery, Pusan Korea -- plaque mounted on ground just above the Australian section of the cemetery containing the grave stones of all the Australian's buried in Korea.
120. Kapyong Anzac Memorial, Kapyong Valley Korea - site on south side of valley above the area of the famous 1953 battle. Site under preparation for 50th anniversary unveiling.
121. Pusan Plaque - Australian War Memorial, Canberra.

KOKODA MEMORIAL ARCH (1999) - Ower's Corner, Kokoda Trail,  PNG.

122. Kokoda Memorial Arch - Six metre by 15 metre, eleven tonne, steel sculpture with 10 attached bronze plaques listing all units that fought in the Kokoda Campaign & campaign details.
Owers Corner Plaque - 1999 - At the foot of the Kokoda Memorial Arch

SOUTH AFRICA  (2000) - The Anglo-Boer War series tells the story of Australia's role in the Anglo-Boer War of 1899 to 1902.

124. Elands River  Post - main road outside Military Cemetery.
125. Diamond Hill, Pretoria - outside the Diamond Hill  Military Cemetery.
126. Boer War memorial - St.Kilda Rd Melbourne .
127. Australian War Memorial, Canberra.

AUSTRALIA (Wooloomanata) (2000)
- 79th Squadron RAAF Memorial

128. Squadron RAAF Memorial - Plaque with Spitfire commemorating the site where 79th Sqd formed and carried out early training near Gisborne, Victoria. Located inside Wooloomanata farm (near Anakie East) on airstrip.

NEW BRITAIN (PNG) (2000) - Kimbe RAAF Memorial, West New Britain

129. Kimbe RAAF Memorial - Plaque series with sculpted maps, planes and text commemorating RAAF Squadrons 22, 30 & 79 that flew missions in this region in world War II. Located in grounds of San Remo Club, Kimbe, New Britain .

AUSTRALIA Williamstown, Melbourne (2000) - HMAS Yarra Memorial

130. HMAS Yarra Memorial, Yarra River, Williamstown - tells the story of the sinking of HMAS Yarra by the Japanese in 1942 with a plaque series

AUSTRALIA (Darwin) (2001) - tells the story of the 19th  Feb 1942 bombing of Darwin

131. Government House Darwin,  main gate. 
132. Australian War Memorial, Canberra.
133. The Mall, Darwin City - Darwin civilians and the war (2002).

GREECE (Limnos Island, Moudhros) (2001)

134. ANZAC plaque - tells story of the Australians, especially nurses who served on Limnos before and during the Gallipoli campaign of 1915.  

BELGIUM (Geluwe Village) (2001) William Leggett Plaque

135. Geluwe Village - Commemorates the death of the first Australian defending Ypres before the First Battle of Ypres 1914. Centre village outside church.

PAPUA NEW GUINEA (Bita Paka near Rabaul, New Britain) (2001) – tells story of the first battle in which Australian’s fought in the First World War when they captured the German radio station at Bita Paka.

136. Bita Paka Commonwealth War Graves Cemetery – near the graves of Capt Pockley and Able Seaman Williams.

137. Northcote RSL – front of building at 496 High St Northcote, Melbourne.      Williams lived one street distant.


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